Live Well For Less


Collected works for the 'Live Well For Less' section, AARP.
↑ Nearly New Deals.
Illustration and spots for a story about open-box deals.
↑ Wise ways to shop at Walmart.
An energetic illustration for an article full of tips for getting the most out of your Walmart shopping experience.
↓ Process from sketches to final images.
Holiday Shopping Apps.
Guide to gift giving through the best apps and websites.
Amazon Do's & Don'ts.
Get zen with your Amazon Prime membership; AARP provide the top Do's & Dont's of shopping on Amazon.
↑ Cash for cast-offs.
An article about earning some extra cash from the increased popularity of secondhand clothing, by selling your unwanted wardrobe items.​​​​​​​
A wider, non-vignetted variant was created for the web article.
↑ Price matching.
Why pay more, getting what you want but at the best price.
Return to Vendor.
Vignette illustration & spots to accompany an article about best practices for returning faulty or unwanted online purchases.
← Process from sketch to artwork.
↑ Voices of fraud.
To accompany a story in the ‘Money Saver’ section about the horrible things some scammers say to get people to send them money!​​​​​​​
Store Credit Cards.
A fun and energetic illustration for an article advising readers on the risks and rewards of the various store branded Credit Cards on the market.​​​​​​​

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